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Team Events arranges excursions for companies throughout Switzerland.

senses parcours with food

senses parcours with food
senses parcours with food
senses parcours with food
senses parcours with food
senses parcours with food
senses parcours with food
Sweet, sour, spicy, fragrant or foul-smelling: Test different foods and discover amazing phenomena from the world of the senses.

The slightly different team event

Leave your everyday office life behind you and experience a workshop that tickles, trains and sharpens all your senses. By means of fascinating experiments you will discover the reactions of our sensory organs to various foods. The entertaining seminar is led by a specialist in sensory technology, the science of using human sensory organs for testing and measuring purposes.

On the trail of the senses

When we eat something, we have a variety of sensory perceptions: Something tastes sweet, salty, mild, pungent, sour or bitter, it smells good or bad, feels soft or spiky, looks appetizing or poisonous and much more. In this workshop you will expand and deepen your perceptive faculty and discover the complex sensory processes that lie behind our everyday sensations. You will learn about the influence of retronasal smell, how the perception of aromas can be influenced and why an acidic product can suddenly taste sweet.

Your tailor-made program

The described standard program can be redesigned or extended according to your wishes and preferences. Decide for yourself how long the workshop should last, how many experiments you want to carry out and which foods you want to test. Experience an adventurous sensory journey, after which you will see, smell, taste and feel the world differently.

Size of group

10 to 50 people


beamer, screen, tables for the participants, running water and washbasin nearby


from 1.5 h


all year round


All of Switzerland


German, French, English

Costs [CHF]

excl. 8.1% VAT
Standard program 2'000.00  flat-rate
Up to 25 pers. additionally 40.00  /pers.
26 to 50 pers. additionally 30.00  /pers.
Larger groups on demand
Customized program on demand

Included in the price

-   Exciting moderation
-   All necessary test material

Not included

-   Travel expenses of the seminar leader
-   Catering for the seminar leader
-   Possible room rent

Optional extras

-   Apéro (riche)

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